Naples Naturals - AOK109-BLK-02 109X2 Alkaline Water Pitcher - Removes Chlorine and Contaminants Plus Increases pH (Black), Model 109 (with Extra Filter)

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  • With a pH above 9 the water from Naples Naturals will taste much different to standard tap water. High pH alkaline water is distinct in its taste and may not suit your taste buds. Please do not purchase this item if you have little experience with Alkaline high pH water. A more conservative route is to try drinking some high pH Alakline water from a specialty store or your friends before diving into this type of the pitcher which is rated as “Best of the Best” Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter by Best Reviews.
  • Please use a calibrated digital meter if you are trying to verify the pH levels. Test strips are generally not too accurate as they need to be calibrated to the type of pH range they will be measuring and color is simply imprecise. We recommend something similar to Apera pH20.
  • You must properly rinse the filter before using it as described in the instructions contained on the side panel of the retail package, the user guide inside the retail package and also please view our set up video to see how the pitcher should be set up. The pitcher is designed to hold 2 L of filtered water - that is about 2 fill buckets of water into the empty container. If there is water already in the pitcher, use less fill buckets. If you overfill the pitcher, the fill bucket will not empty and when you pour water into a glass, it will pop the lid off, water will spill all over your counter and you'll become unhappy with us. Please don't overfill your pitcher.
  • The natural process used to create our high pH water is slow and can sometimes result in a clogged filter. Please read our troubleshooting guide (on the side of the retail package) if you experience this.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, try to pour water before the fill bucket is empty. Water will spill all over the counter because the pitcher is not designed to be used when there is water in the fill bucket. If there is water in the bucket and you need to have a glass of water, remove the fill bucket by lifting it from the front and place it in the sink before pouring your glass of water.
The Naples Naturals 109 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher consists of four major parts: the pitcher body, the upper reservoir, the lid, and the alkaline water filter cartridge. Inside the product box, the pitcher body, upper reservoir, and lid are all assembled. Inside the upper reservoir is the filter cartridge, wrapped in a foil bag. This alkaline water filter cartridge is not visible until the lid is removed. The pitcher body, upper reservoir, and lid are wrapped in a single polymer bag, which itself is wrapped in bubble wrap. This can be found directly inside the product box. The outside of the product box itself contains set up and troubleshooting instructions; do not therefore dispose of the product box without reading it. To set up the Life Indicator, press and hold the "SET" button, found on the lid of your water pitcher. When you see "60 Days" as well as four thick horizontal lines appear on the screen, release the button. At this point, the Life Indicator will begin to count down 60 days, which is the average lifespan of a filter cartridge. The four horizontal bars act as a second visualization for the filter lifespan, with four bars indicating 100% life remaining, three bars indicating 75% life remaining, two bars indicating 50% life remaining, and one bar indicating 25% life remaining. After sixty days, the life indicator will display a flashing "0 days" and no horizontal bars, meaning that 60 days has passed and it is recommended that the filter be replaced. The filter has a typical life of 60 days but this can vary significantly depending on usage and on your local water quality. Heavy usage or having to filter water with a high level of contaminants may necessitate changing the filter more frequently; whereas light usage or filtering water that is already relatively clean will allow less frequent replacement. The 60 days timer and four horizontal bars act only as a reminder, and do not measure the actual capacity of the filter cartridge.